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Interview with Norwegian’s Bjorn Kjos

Bjorn Kjos

  Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: Mr Kjos, you are very welcome to IC Aviation’s, The Future of Aviation in Northern Europe.It seems the sky’s the limit for Norwegianat the moment: there are big aircraft orders; long haul developments; short haul and European developments and you were talking in your presentation about the Middle East and South America. Read More »

Interview with SAS’s Joakim Landholm


Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: SAS has clearly been through a very difficult and challenging restructuring programme over the last couple of years but last year there were some very encouraging results posted from a financial perspective, so now that you see the financial position stabilising where do you see the growth opportunities in terms of network development for SAS around Europe and further afield? Read More »

Commercial Development

Airport Revenue Models

Aviation is the ultimate industry for change, nothing stays the same for very long. Not surprisingly then, revenue models for regional airports are going through their own revolution. 43% of all airports in Europe are loss making – and part of the reason for that many regional airports continue to rely only on aeronautical fees to maintain financial stability. It is well accepted in the industry that downward pressure on aeronautical revenues is going to continue for regional airports, as Europe’s airlines continue to seek ways to reduce their own operating costs. So there needs to be a fresh approach to commercial revenue streams for regional airports – and getting this right will be the difference between which regional airports will survive in the future. It’s time to start thinking outside the box, there is so much more to commercial revenue streams for regional airports than car parking and coffee! Read More »

Passenger Potential Analysis

Passenger Potential Analysis

There are a whole range of tools available in the market that promise to give an accurate analysis of passenger demand on new routes. But most of these tools rely on old data to prove demand for a new route! IC Aviation does not believe that historic events can accurately predict future potential – very little in aviation every stays the same from one day to the next, so it’s time to stop backing into the future! Old statistics cannot improve your case for a new route. As part of IC Aviation’s professional and reliable service to our airport clients, we rely on the best passenger demand forecasting tools available in the market. We use a highly sophisticated statistical tool that has been developed over many years by the leading German statisticians MK Metric GmBH. This unique method of passenger potential analysis takes into account a massive amount of data from the regions where the new route is planned to fly to and from. This data includes not only aviation related transport modes, but also potential competition from train networks, competition from other nearby airports and leakage of passenger to other airports. It also does much further than even transport related analysis to include social-economic factors for the region such as GDP and employment levels. The extensive database covers every region in the world, giving IC Aviation unrivalled access to passenger demand analysis on thousands of potential new routes. This industry leading analysis is already being used by leading airlines and airports all over Europe. Contact IC Aviation today to hear more about how we can offer the perfect all in one solution for your airport, from initial and accurate passenger demand potential analysis, right through to the final solutions as to how this potential can be turned into reality. Read More »