Interview with Norwegian’s Bjorn Kjos

IC Aviation's Tom Shearer interviewing Norwegian's Bjorn Kjos

Exclusive Interview with Norwegian’s Bjorn Kjos


Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: Mr Kjos, you are very welcome to IC Aviation’s, The Future of Aviation in Northern Europe.It seems the sky’s the limit for Norwegianat the moment: there are big aircraft orders; long haul developments; short haul and European developments and you were talking in your presentation about the Middle East and South America. Where do you see the potential challenges for all of this growth over the next few years?

Mr Kjos: I think there will be tremendous opportunities provided that we have the right aircraft to bring down the costs, only then can you have the right price because there will be a huge increase in traffic from the tourism sector and we will be aiming our product at them as well – it will be incredibly interesting and I think it will be extremely good for the passengers. The only things that could stop this are the legislations or politicians that want to save some other airlines from bankruptcy.

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: You see Etihad coming more and more into the European market and going beyond traditional co-share agreements they are actually taking stakes in some European carriers and other carriers around the world as well, would you ever envisage a situation where Norwegian would enter an agreement like that or get into a more detailed co-operation with any of those Middle Eastern carriers?

Mr Kjos: Well no, we haven’t really had any idea about that. They are good carriers but I think they have a different approach than we have and I think they target other segments of passengers.

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: Mr Kjos thank you very much.