Interview with SAS’s Joakim Landholm

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: SAS has clearly been through a very difficult and challenging restructuring programme over the last couple of years but last year there were some very encouraging results posted from a financial perspective, so now that you see the financial position stabilising where do you see the growth opportunities in terms of network development for SAS around Europe and further afield?

Joakim Landholm, SAS: I think you are right, we did go through a tough period, we have come through it now and we are in much better shape.  I think from a network perspective what we want is to continue to serve obviously, and as number one priority, the Scandinavian network in order to serve our Scandinavian frequent flyers, the second thing we do see is a continued growth in leisure and in particular in the Mediterranean and thirdly we see growth opportunities in long-haul in both west bound and east bound.

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation:  In east bound you’re talking into China, The Middle East and places like that is it?

Joakim Landholm, SAS: Correct and when I say east bound I mean in particular the North East sector; China, Japan.

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: I presume you are watching very closely what is happening in Helsinki and Finnair strategy and geographically I suppose Arlanda is not that far from Helsinki so in theory there is a chance to develop an Asian strategy of your own, would that be something that is possible?

Joakim Landholm, SAS: I mean obviously we watch Finnair, we watch every competitor closely and I think you are right and what is particularly interesting is that with our new fleet of A350’s we do get the ability to serve many many more points in Asia through a 24 hour rotation which opens up new opportunities and possibilities.

Tom Shearer, IC Aviation: Mr Joakim Landholm, thank you very much.