Passenger Potential Analysis

There are a whole range of tools available today that promise to give an accurate analysis of passenger demand on new airline routes. Unfortunately, most of these tools rely on old data to prove demand for a new route!

IC Aviation does not believe that historic events can accurately predict future potential – very little in aviation stays the same from one day to the next, so we believe it’s time to stop looking at the past to try and see the future!

How do we Measure Potential Passenger Numbers?

As part of IC Aviation’s reliable and professional service to our clients, we use the best passenger demand forecasting tool available in the market. This is a highly sophisticated statistical tool that has been developed over many years by the leading German statisticians MK Metric GmBH.

Using this unique method of passenger potential analysis, we are able to take into account a wide range of data. By looking extensively at both the region where the new route may be flown from and the region that will be flown to, it is possible to deduce the potential number of passengers and whether the route will ultimately be profitable.

The data that is reviewed includes not only aviation related transport modes, but also potential competition from train networks, for example. Competing airports and leakage of passengers to other airports are also taken into account. The analysis also goes much further, than just transport, to include socioeconomic factors for the region such as GDP and employment levels. The extensive database covers every region in the world, giving IC Aviation unrivaled access to passenger demand analysis on thousands of potential new routes.

Passenger Potential Analysis

Helping Airports with Route Development

This information, coupled with the industry knowledge and experience provided by IC Aviation can help your airport identify routes that have the right type of potential for airlines. Using this information to help build your business case for airlines is an important asset and can lead to increased business with airlines.