Route Development in Europe

Route development is all about knowing how to attract airlines. At IC Aviation we know what airlines are looking for when they decide on new air traffic routes. With each situation, airline and airport being different, we understand the difficulties in developing new routes for both the airline and the airport.

To attract airlines an airport needs to do their homework so they can present a business case that appeals to the commercial interests of the group they are targeting.

Here are some of the steps a regional airport can take to help them attract airlines and increase their profitability.

Researching Potential Airline Routes

Airport check in desk queue

Research the Catchment Area

Understanding your catchment is an important first step in creating a business case for airlines.

By understanding the details of your catchment area, you will be able to accurately identify which carriers and which destinations you should be focusing your business case towards.

Circle graph showing the airport catchment area

Targeting a Carrier

As you start to build a better picture of the market surrounding your airport, you should also be able to start identifying new markets that could be served from your airport.

When you have destinations in mind, then it is easier to start identifying the airlines that can operate such routes.

When you have identified certain carrier(s), then you need to start researching their businesses also.

 Building the Case

When you know which routes and which airlines you want to target, it’s time to consider how to build a business case that the airline cannot refuse!

Man standing on a ladder building the words Business case

Expert Assistance in Route Development

With European airlines being amongst the least profitable in the world they are unwilling to take all the risk when it comes to operating a new airline route. In this environment, it is much more difficult for regional airports to attract airlines. Luckily, at IC Aviation we understand what is needed. Contact us today to find out how we can help you attract new airlines to your airport.