Seminars & Workshops

IC Aviation works with lots of regional airports across 10 European countries. As a result of being active in so many markets, IC Aviation is able to observe the developing trends and patterns that impact the development of a regional airport. Some of the big issues facing Europe’s regional airports these days are:

  1. How are the business models of Europe’s airlines evolving? 
  2. Which carriers could operate to my airport and which routes might work?
  3. How will governmental and regulatory decisions impact the development of my airport?
  4. What do the new EU rules on State Aid to airports and airlines mean for my airport?

Person giving a presentation to a room of peopleIC Aviation has developed a novel concept for regional airports – The Workshop for Key Stakeholders! IC Aviation has hosted dozens of these workshops in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany – and they are proving to be hugely popular! These workshops are designed for:

  • Airport Managers
  • Aviation Marketing Employees
  • Airport Owners
  • Politicians
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Tourism Authorities

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