Kalmar Öland Airport, Sweden

Image00010“As a municipality politician I have to listen to, and read, a lot of reports from consultants and frankly, I am surprised that there are so many of them that can survive by just writing a lot of rubbish. With this in mind I was quite suspicious when I first heard of IC Aviation. Now I can only point out that IC Aviation actively and very much hands on, helped us to reach one of our targets for Kalmar Öland Airport, to get a route to Berlin. And as an extra bonus we got a route to Gothenburg as well. So I have to admit, there are consultants….and then there are real consultants.”

Bodil Wahlgren, Chairman of the Board

Hannover Airport, Germany

Image00010“IC Aviation are trustworthy and reliable consultants.They also have an excellent understanding of the European aviation market and are well connected at very senior levels at most of Europe’s major airlines”

Roger Niermann, Director of Aviation Sales

The Government of Lithuania 

Image00016“IC Aviation have a unique insight and understanding of the European aviation market. Their guidance and advice is always of a very high standard”

 Arijandas Sliupas, Vice Minister for Transport

Selection of IC Aviation Clients


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